Replacement of Naim ND5 XS Display!

Sent my Naim ND5 XS for replacement of display last week that cost me S$318.55. The job was carried out by local Naim Audio dealer. Nothing much to comment, just a direct one to one replacement of LED display. 🙂   Advertisements

REVO SuperSignal @

REVO SuperSignal Deluxe DAB Table Radio (Walnut+Black) @ S$369.13 Expensive, but looks and sound good! Like the Alarm and bluetooth function! 🙂

Naim Audio – Mu-so Qb Review!

Mu-so Qb is not my 1st choice of wireless speaker (Network Streaming) set! After searching on the web for something similar to Mu-so (Price on the high side for a “portable” set), found Ruark Audio R2 Mk3. However, unable to find one in Singapore (Some say, AVOne @Adelphi selling) and online only a few (But…

Naim’s HiFi System

MY CURRENT HI-FI SYSTEM My current system are built around Naim Audio. Going through the Naim’s upgrade path for many years (since 1994 – 1st Naim – Nait 3). It has been fun along the upgrades and some misses… * With my latest purchase of Naim’s XPS Power Supply for ND5 XS, I will not…

Upgrading Naim ND5 XS Firmware 4.1!

Perform self upgrading for Naim ND5 XS Firmware using Apple iMac! Source However, I misread the Spotify Connect function, I thought I am able to connect to Spotify but only with Spotify Premium! (Today, any Tablet can connect to any Wireless Speaker (Bluetooth) with Spotify. While my few thousands dollar system can’t!!!) Requirement : 1….

My Final HiFi Set Up!

With my purchase of Fraim Lite Furniture, this will be my last major purchase for my system! Most likely will upgrade both Hi-Cap and XPS-2 with Discrete Regulator in the near future! 🙂 On the Fraim Lite, I am quite surprised and happy with the improvement (Presentation, Bass etc). Just bought some spike feet cups for…

Buy from II!

Beyerdynamic DTX 101 iE In-Ear Headphone (Silver) Trying out this Beyerdynamic after reading many good reviews! – Built quality not bad – Sound quality is good but critical to music file quality – Headphone length (about 128mm) – Come with Pouch and additional 2 earbuds