Wooden iPhone X Cover @Wooden Amsterdam

I think it looks nice for my iPhone X, good wooden feel! πŸ™‚


Yolike Fast Wireless Charger!

Yolike Fast Wirless Charger for my iPhone X (Wood Grain) @Amazon.com

A very nice looking charger with wood grain finishes and the small blue LED that light up while charging… 😁

I would say it is a nice to have charger (however did not compare the time differences between a normal wire-charger, while using a Samsung Charger as recommended by one Amazon user).


Torras Case for iPhone X!

TORRAS (Air Series) Case for iPhone X (Blue) @Amazon.com

Easy to slot in and out and comfortable to hold and colour is quite nice, however,Β it’s quite easily to slip off from my hand unless one clean the case and your hand! Not suitable for me! Using back my old Case! Ha


Omoton Glass Screen For iPhone X!

OMOTON iPhone X Screen Protector (2 Pieces) @Amazon.com!

Have been using Omoton screen protector for my iPhone 5S, and so far I am impressed with the clarity and fingerprint free (less) on the screen! So decided to carry on using for my iPhone X! 😁


My iPhone X!

Finally get myself an iPhone X 64GB Space Grey set yesterday! πŸ™‚


  • Slick, beautiful and well made
  • Screen size is just nice and good to hold
  • Easy to use even with new screen
  • Camera and Video are excellent
  • Quite smart on calling in ringing volume and Face ID do not need to touch to turn on screen
  • Overall experience is excellent

Cons :

  • Can’t see battery percentage
  • Face ID not 100% (Certain angle and when at bed it can’t recognise)
  • A finger print log in would be nice
  • The notch…need to imagine it is not there haha


Iphone X Casing!

Bought quite awhile ago before iPhone X was launched!

The EasyAcc’s casing fit nicely for the iPhone X but the TOZO’s screen protector is a bit off on the “notch” area. Most likely replace the screen protector! πŸ™‚

Khomo – iPad Pro 10.5″ Charcoal Gray Case

It fit ok, but don’t know it mental but just feel my iPad slightly heavy! Can’t explain just don’t feel right!


Anker iPad Pro 10.5″ Screen Protector!

Anker’s Tempered-Glass iPad Pro 10.5″ Screen Protector – Β£12.99

  • A good quality Tempered-Glass Protector
  • Fitted well, as a lot of those selling are not actually design for iPad 10.5 but “predicted 10.5”
  • Very clear
  • Smooth to touch and very sensitive , which i feel is better with the protector
  • iPad screen is really too prone to fingerprint and oil which Anker’s protector works better and easier to clean
  • For this price even with added shipping fee, i still think is worth itΒ 

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