my hifi


My current system are built around Naim Audio. Going through the Naim’s upgrade path for many years (since 1994 – 1st Naim – Nait 3). It has been fun along the upgrades and some misses…

* With my latest purchase of Naim’s XPS Power Supply for ND5 XS, I will not be upgrading my electronic equipments for the foreseeable future (Exclude accessories). I am happy with the current system and will instead save or spend money on other interest! 🙂 

My Hifi upgrade path –

Initial Set up :

Rotel Pre-Power Amp, Rotel Tuner, Celestion 3 Speaker, Nakamichi CD Player

Replacement of Amplifier :

Rotel > Naim Nait 3 > Naim 72/140

Replacement of CD Player :

Nakamichi > Arcam CD 5 > Naim CD 3.5 > Naim CD 5i > Naim CD 5X > Naim ND5 XS

Replacement of Tuner :

Rotel > Arcam Delta 280 (Not Use)

Replacement of Speaker :

Celestion > Mission 760 > Dunlavy SC-1 > Neat Elite SX

Current System:

Amplifier unit : Naim Nac 72 / Naim Nap 140 (12 Apr 97) (Re-capped 29 Sep 09)

Network Player : Naim ND5 XS (18 Feb 2012)

Power Supply : Naim HiCap-2 (14 Jan 2012) (Without new Discrete Regulator)

Power Supply : Naim XPS-2 (7 Mar 2014) (2nd Hand, without new Discrete Regulator)

Speaker unit : Neat Elite SX (26 Jan 2013)

Support : Fraim Lite (22 Nov 2014)

Cables : SNAIC 4, NAC A5, Russ Andrew’s PowerLink Extension (6-ways), Russ Andrew’s Classic PowerKord, Russ Andrew’s Reference PowerKord



Neat Elite SX

Future Upgrade :

Support : Fraim Lite – DONE

Power Supply : 2nd Hand XPS Power Suppy – DONE


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