*Update : Xiaomi Mi4C @Lazada.sg

My 1st Xiaomi :

Mi4C – This is a China only version phone.

Bought from Lazada.com.sg as Export set with no warranty @S$145.00

My Review:

BUILT WISE : Very Good

LOOKS : Very nice actually for this price!

FUNCTIONS : Very Apple like but got the good of Android

VIDEO : Smooth and good

PHOTO : Image is sharp and good but just feel that colour tone not as good as Apple and Samsung.

CAMERA : Nice still photo and video shoot (Good for me)

OS : My set come with Android Lollipop 5.1 and Miui 8 version (Do a factory Reset) it still Miui 7. Do update from official Xiaomi Website, actually it just a bit of chinese for some Apps (which can be disable). Having trouble to root from European Miui 8 for Mi4C. Give up!!! haha

BATTERY : Very bad. But can be resolved by following the few tips :

– Disable the WiFi – Scanning Aways Available

– Disable Notification for all less those you want, e.g Facebook, Whatapps etc

– Disable Apps you don’t needs

– Install “Repair Battery Life Pro” App, I think it helps

– Replaced the phone charger with Apple or similar, just feel that Xiaomi charger does not provide proper full charge as it charge too fast.

– Lower brightness helps

– Off WiFi when not in use

PROS : Miui 8, it very fun to use –Really love the phone and OS (Miui 8),Well Done! 🙂

CONS : Ads pop-up here and there, remember to disable notification for Apps you downloaded and uninstall unnecessary Apps. I did not sign up for Mi Account  Just upgrade to Miui 8, ads pop up and battery life resolved!

CONCLUSION : 1st Xiaomi and very impressive with everything less the ads, I think it is better than most mobile phone out there that cost S$400 or so. Unless you are very particular with Camera, it good enough.

Unlikely to have Global Miui 8 ROM, as it is built for China Only. So if you got the Miui 7 original, i think you need to use the unofficial EU Miui 8 ROM. Just go for the original China Miui 8 ROM for mi4c!

Hopefully, Mi6 will surprise me further but depend on iPhone 8! Renew contract 2017! 🙂


dscf3475 dscf3464


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