My 1st Bike by Dudebike!

Finally, after don’t know how many years since childhood that I have bought myself a bicycle! 🙂

Actually, did not really search for many model of bike but since decided on foldable bike, I have reduce to a few. Found Dudebike at Hipvan is reasonably price and looks nice too (By Italy somemore)! 🙂

However, few problems pop up. 1st the pump, thought all pump is the same until did a search on net and found Presta and Schrader valves??? haha Anyway, bought a adapter for the pump and is working fine. (But have order a few other items Amazon)


And finally taking my bike for my 1st ride, (drinks, camera, hat) all ready for a good ride. A few ride later, the chain came off, but managed to put back but came off again. arrrh…

Decided to bring to the nearest bicycle shop for help, but shop closed…boring…no choice bring back home and cancel my 1st ride…What a experience!!! haha…


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