Naim Audio – Mu-so Qb Review!

Mu-so Qb is not my 1st choice of wireless speaker (Network Streaming) set! After searching on the web for something similar to Mu-so (Price on the high side for a “portable” set), found Ruark Audio R2 Mk3. However, unable to find one in Singapore (Some say, AVOne @Adelphi selling) and online only a few (But was put off regarding warranty and credit card issue) are able to ship to Singapore!

So last week try my luck to AVOne @Adelphi, but before asking for it, did a detour to Absolute Sound! Once there, saw Mu-so Qb and ask for pricing and demo! The demo of Mu-so Qb is quite impressive, however, as the price between Mu-so and Mu-so Qb isn’t too great, I ask for a A-B comparison between the two!

Quite surprised what Mu-so Qb can bring out, and Mu-so does not sound nice to me (maybe the music etc). On the light side, Mu-so Qb is really cute too! haha

Anyway, bought the Mu-so Qb yesterday! 🙂


  • Small & Cute
  • Sound solid (Quite good on vocal)
  • Top feature is well design
  • Quality Built


  • Bass abit too heavy for me (Correct placement resolve this problem!)
  • Initial wireless setup is not written in the quick guide manual
  • Placement sensitive & Software adjustment (limited)

So far so good, I think it will be selling well for the mass market! Form factor and Sound are a good demonstration for Non-Naim user. 😉

As for comparison with my Hi-fi set, not the same league. But for a secondary set for leisure listening it is very good and it complement the decor setting too! 🙂



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