Twist of Fate!

After deliberating and searching for a new TV set for months (“finally” my 5 yrs old TV speaker became distorted last week – excuses…haha), finally decided on SONY KD-55X8500C set.

In the meantime, looking for good offers from COURTS or HARVEY NORMAN. Yesterday, saw on their online websites both stated S$2799.00 (TV only), somehow still prefer to buy it at store (while hoping for some discount or goodies haha).

Anyway, went to COURTS Megastore with intention to buy but saw their store price is S$2849.00 and so I checked with them whether they can sell it at S$2799.00. To my surprise, a flat NO from the decision maker! Disappointed but can’t apprehend and so I left!

Nevertheless, since I will be on my way to Bugis, thought why not go to the new Millenia Walk’s Harvey Norman flagship store. And once there, headed to the Sony TV location and asked for the price (same S$2849.00)! Same process, but different outcome and the staff there is friendly too. Response from the decision maker is to my surprise, as they are having a small number of set on offer at S$2699.00 and furthermore comes with 2 x 3D glasses (free)! 🙂

Thumb up for Harvey Norman, not just because of the discount but also their flexibility and friendliness! Looking back at my purchase, my last set of TV (display set) & my latest Fuji camera are both bought from Harvey Norman! Why did I choose Courts in the 1st place!!!

Excited and awaiting for the arrival of my new TV set in 4K 3D! 🙂



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