Stadler Form Charly Floor Fan!

*PS, after 6mths of use, the metal cover are showing rustiness but the wind speed is still strong! DSCF0293

Bought through during it 27th Jan 2015 Sale for S$210.80!

Quite disappointed with the item! But keep it as too lazy to return for exchange!

Pros : Strong Wind, Looks Good & Sturdy built

Cons : Broken part, Bend part & Noisy

Seriously, those review that say it is very quiet are either having ear problems or their noise level tolerance very high. So those who intent to buy for low noise should avoid! I can only withstand level 1 fan speed, above is too noisy for me! Or maybe it HDB room issue!!!







Bended Part


Broken Part (Important Part) but found inside the box and managed to fix it back




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