Phicomms i600NC!

After searching & waiting for Non-camera Smartphone for quite sometime, decided to give it a try on Phicomms i600NC. Also it has been a longtime I use Android system phone, so far quite happy with the phone.

Short review :

My View : Quite smooth & OK responsive, decent display and built

Con : Abit heavy, WiFi drop and need to manual switch on

Overall : Acceptable Non-Cam Smartphone for $188.00 (+ 1 extra battery & cover) * Just one week, it drop to $149.00

* Due to lapse, have been trying to play & adjust the setting and installing various apps! And finally cause to phone to malfunction. After numerous try to hard reset, the phone is deem to “dead”. While browsing thru Phicomms website happens to see they have firmware for download. Follow the instructions and re-install the firmware and so far the phone is working fine. Will not be meddling the running apps!!! 🙂 As it has only 512 RAM, had to stop some app to run in the background.

Found Facebook the main culprit, disable all the Facebook notification setting and log out. So far not running! 




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