Apple iPod Nano Review!

After 1 week of use, here are my view:

BUILT WISE : Excellent


LOOKS : Very nice in Slate color

FUNCTIONS : Nice and Smooth but no battery % indicator and unable to swip to next song or back while on playing screen

VIDEO : Decent (But needs to convert using other software, iTunes conversion suck)


BATTERY : About 14hrs of Music (Volume high, Brightness low)

The new EarPods sound different to me while testing the Nano. Sometime ok while other time good!

Comparing Old Earphone vs New EarPods :

– The new EarPods sound natural, details, better control as well for Bass

– The old Earphone sound open or wide but details, control and Bass not as good as EarPods

Just did another test, I need to push the EarPods further to good fit to achieve good sounding!

Comparing iPod Nano vs iPad :

– The old Earphone sound better in Nano than iPad, while the new EarPods sound similar but slightly better on iPad

– With B&W headphone, the result is more obvious, on iPad the details and overall presentation are much better than on Nano. And also I need to turn the volume higher on Nano to achieve the equivalent level. I think it is due to Nano lower-power headphone output!

*Note : Tested with EQ Bass Reducer, Music Vary (Michelle Branch, Celine Dion etc) and in WAV & MP3 format.


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