B&W P3 Review!

Bowers & Wilkins P3 Headphone!

My impression so far:

Built wise : Excellent

Sound Quality : Vary (Good to Excellent)

Comfort level : Good but on my right ear it becomes a little bit uncomfortable after sometime

Looks : Beautiful

My first listening on my iPad does not have a good experience, it sound boomy and overall presentation not to my liking.

Upon setting my iPad’s Music setting EQ to “Bass Reducer”, it becomes more enjoyable and sound “HiFi”. Further to my testing with the Headphone and playing different musics, adjusting the Headphone and plugging into different players, I draw my conclusion on the Headphone as such :

– Quality of the music file determine the sound quality (a poor recording will sound bad, while a good lossless or wav file will be excellent!)

– For me, as I don’t like boomy bass, the EQ setting to “Bass Reducer” works great for me! Re-test :

– On iPad, I prefer the playback better than iMac follow by Shuffle

– On iMac, it comparable to iPad, it just lack the punch (maybe due to details)

– On Shuffle, as unable to adjust EQ, it sound boomy and less details (no Hifi quality)

– Adjusting the Headphone ear pads will bring different level of details and presentation, so do adjust accordingly to your liking

– Just like a HiFi Speaker, positioning of the ear pad is an important criteria

– On negative side, I needed to raise the volume quite high to give me the details and presentation I enjoys

Recommendation : Audition the Headphone before buying and if setting, music and adjustment of ear pad are done properly it is a excellent Headphone for high quality music playback.


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