Credit Card Online Unauthorised Charges!

Damn, was charged 2 unauthorized payment last week and have to file 2 Letters of Dispute with the Credit Card bank!

Thought that will be the end, but today was notify that 1 parcel arrived at Borderlinx! Do not know what to do with the parcel? Return back need to pay shipping fee (furthermore don’t even know who to contact), if purchase by me I would receive a confirmation email!!! This one may have trouble to dispute! (Unless they can track that it was made in oversea)

Have written to my credit card bank and ask for advise! What a f*** week!


After written to Borderlinx and my Credit Card Bank, verified and confirmed with my bank no charges were made for the parcel @ Borderlinx! While waiting for further email from Borderlinx, I log on to my account and found out that the item was no longer in there and double check on shipment history – nil! So I assume someone makes a mistake and sent it to my address!

Whatever it is, shouldn’t Borderlink inform me on this? Quite disappointed with their service!

Anyway, hopefully, my disputes on the two charges will be resolved soon (8 weeks).


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