What a 1st Quarter we have for 2011!

What started a decent month in Jan, suddenly took a turn after Egypt erupted in mass protests that lead to a change of government and straight after that Middle East and Libya followed. But Libya is still fighting hard and as a country with the 10th-largest proven oil reserves, it does impact the world oil supply one way or the other (and also the economy).

But with OPEC able to stabilise the oil output for the time being, market did stable for awhile but then Japan Earthquake change everything and was made worst with their Nuclear crisis. Currently, the Nuclear crisis is still on going but somehow stabilise abit and Japan economy with be hit hard for now whether food or machinery or electronics export. But looking from another view/point, the rebuilding with also kick start Japan economy for the years to come!

So far, the stock market had recovery very decently. With positive economy reports from US coming in and also for Singapore point of view, the election in May 2011 (most likely), the market should be moving up in the near term.


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