Rabbit’s Monthly Horoscope 2010 (8th Oct – 6th Nov) 9TH MONTH


A excellent month when everything succeeds! You enjoy a special combination of stars that forms a Ho Tu pairing in your chart this month, bringing benefits to those who are ambitious and determined to succeed. Wear the Ho Tu Cross to enhance this kind of luck and to make the most of it. There is good upward mobility for the career-oriented Rabbit.

Success comes easily to you and you enjoy good reputation luck. In many instances, your reputation will precede you. Make the most of it. There may be heated competition this month but you rise above it easily. Victory luck is yours and you can emerge the winner just by putting in a little effort. However, avoid excessive stress as that is the one thing that can spoil your success this month.

Lillian Too & Jennifer Too Fortune & Feng Shui – Rabbit 2010


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