Unexpected Expenses!

Updates : Removing stitches is F.O.C

Early morning went to dental clinic to have my tooth filling after it came off suddenly yesterday. As a walk in customer, it was quite a long wait for about 1.5 hrs and finally it my turn and the shock, the doctor say it can’t be fill and must be removed!

Oh mind, the doctor was briefing the fees and medisave that can be claimed and I was still thinking “sh*t” there goes my budgets for other things. After the X-ray and wait then I remember one thing, to call my Boss that I will be removing my wisdom tooth and MC for 4/5 days! Luckily my Boss agreed and soon (after signing agreement form and Medisave form) I went in to remove my tooth. The surgery was smooth and fast and quite painless which was a relieved.

And the damage, $621.65! What a day! Hopefully, like what the doctor say I should be able to claim back around $400.00 from Medisave (which is still my money) in 2 to 3 months time!


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