Trying US Online Shopping!

Recently received email from Paypal to try on as it advertised better and cheaper US shipping rate. And also it allows one to shop US website that do not accept non-US credit card. So far have place 1 order each from Polo Ralph Lauren (ShipForMe) & Calvin Klein Jeans (BuyForMe) online to try out their shipping rate, processing & delivery time.

There is another offer by Citibank too call Citi Globeshopper for shopping at US & UK website!

ShipForMe – Online shop that accept Paypal payment with non-US credit card and can place order online.

ShipForMe – From order to delivery to US address location, it took 5 days.

BuyForMe – Online shop that DO NOT accept non-US credit card, you identify the goods and inform to buy it for you with extra 5% service charge on the goods.

BuyForMe – From order thru (2 days to place order), expected to arrive 4 or 5 business days to US address location.

It also provides repacking (service charge) and consolidate different orders into one shipment to save shipping charges (Will only know what is the real charges and how it works after my BuyForMe arrive next week). 14 days free storage charges upon 1st order arrive!

From Singapore Customs :

“GST relief is granted on goods, inclusive of new articles, personal effects, souvenirs, gifts and food preparations but excluding dutiable products, imported by post to a total value not exceeding $400. Where the value exceeds $400, the entire sum would be subject to GST.”

So far, based on the rates and charges, it is only worth buying from online US website if there is offer or goods not available in Singapore and also to consolidate into one shipping to get the best value. As there are risk like wrong Size, Fitting or Colour after your purchase and refund is not worth it as the shipping charges are high!


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