End of 1st Qtr for FY 2010!

While we are still worrying for our jobs and incomes, 1st Qtr of 2010 had comes to an end. I will be looking forward to the coming Qtr with hopes, but let take a look at 1st Qtr economy.

Starting of 2010 was quite a good performance but it fade out suddenly with the news of collapse of Greece & some other Euro zone countries (another dubai???). It put a brake to the economy that is on it way to recovery & growth. But as the market digest the news and with EU coming out to stablise the problems there, the market was relieved.

The news & data from US were very positive to the stock markets and it take the lead in the renew optimism on the world market (they are still the big brother afterall).

Nevertheless, I am still a believer that the world economy is on it way to slow growth era. However, on local stock market, China Listed companies are best to avoid (even I am holding some).

Anyway, looking forward to a better quarters ahead. Jobs should be more easily available as I can feel the “feel good mood” again! 😉


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