Things about Mac OS!

Updates: I am back to Windows XP, it feel great! Anyway, I did a mistake for not printing out the bootcamp manual and somehow are rather I needed to reinstall Mac OS and do a clean installation with Windows XP too.

And the mouse works on XP too but not very stable as it take time to detect and periodically the “arrow” don’t move.

I will use Mac OS to connect my iPod Touch with iTune. That it! 

Seriously, after using Mac OS for more than 2 weeks, it still frustrated me in alot of way.

I must say based on my habit or usage, it’s not really suitable for me. There are alot of simple or “common sense” use that I have on Windows XP that are not easily available on Mac OS. Instead of improving the efficiency of my use on computer, it somehow slow me down. Maybe I am a old man not suitable for new OS!!!

The speed of internet, maybe it due to my ISP and also local Singapore website than are more friendly to IE but seriously after upgrading from my 5 yrs old Compaq labtop, i can’t really feel the speed increase from my previous labtop!!!

Other than the big screen difference & looks, I don’t know what the benefit I get!

Most likely will be installing Windows XP or new Windows 7 (still thinking whether to spend money on it) to my iMac and use it as a primary OS! 😦


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