My new iMac!

Received my iMac 21.5″ on Friday afternoon, on built wise and screen display it is very nice…but as for normal usage function it pain in the a**.

Seriously not very happy with quite a number of things :

Internet : Very slow access to webpage that i go (i don’t care what other access, it WHAT i access) either Firefox or Safari (slightly better) but will show can’t display blar blar…using IE in XP don’t have much problems.

Keyboard : it a joke

iPhoto : when open a image in usb thumbdrive and iPhoto open it, it can’t even enlarge it, must import. Even resize function must use export (find out in internet).

USB connection : it a pain to put in the usb cable or thumbdrive. It should be at the side. More user friendly.

Delete function : keyboard delete function not applicable to all programs/files.

Well, i will stop here on the complaint, I guess I just got to get use to the iMac function and read out more.

But the new Mouse is surprising very nice to use.

Updated 7 Dec 2009

So far getting more use to Mac OS, the problems are that a lot of useful functions in Windows cannot be found directly in Mac. Thus for Windows user it is a bit troublesome but after searching internet, most of the functions can be easily found in Mac OS.

As for internet issue, i guess the problem maybe due to i hook up my internet thru Ethernet cable instead of wireless connection. After I switch back to wireless connection, so far the surfing speed is very fast.

I guess I am more happy now haha…but the keyboard is still a joke (for prolong use, i think it might injure my wrist).

That all for now! 😉


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