My take on Russ Andrews’s PowerLink Main Extension!

Well, it a long while (at least a mth) since the arrival of PowerLink Main Extension (6-ways) that I finally use it on my Hi-fi system. As usual, waiting for my Nap 140 to burn/run-in to stable the system.


After replacing the “normal” main extension with PowerLink main extension, the 1st impression did not surprise me! I have to change back to the normal extension to reconfirm any musical improvement. The improvement on musical front are not that obvious and it worried me (Was my $260 spending wasted???).

Anyway, I left the PowerLink Main Extension connected and continued playing music while carrying on my normal activities…as time goes, I am able to notice the differences and finally able to appreciate the improvement gain! I would say the bass is better control, timing more accurate (i think) and the presentation sound better.

Somehow, I am not really able to pin point the improvement, but it just sound better (that to me is more than enough)! 🙂

My Recommendation:

A Good Buy for sound improvement as well for a better looking main extension.

* Currently, I am very happy with my system performance, so I am eager to know when I added a Hicap2 how it might further improved the system performance. 😉

At the sametime, I have changed the 13A plug and fuse with Russ Andrews set. How much or any improvement on the system, seriously I do not really know…as it is time consuming, I am not able to do a proper A-B comparison! What matters are the system did indeed sound better! 🙂


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