Buying things from USA!

Last week, i did an online purchase for iPod touch accessory – Podium Stand! Previously, I emailed to them to enquiry whether they ship to Singapore and finally last week, they notify that they are able to do so under a 3rd party called Bongo International.

But the process is less than desired, Bongo’s credit card verification is troublesome and I needed to pay ground shipment from transferring to Bongo International too. And finally today checked on their website, they have received the product and ready to ship but was shock to read the shipment would costs me US$65 and furthermore don’t allow me to sent to address different from my credit card (less you signed up their monthly plan).

Breakdown of costs :

Podium Stand cost : US$48 (discount 20%) – $38.40

Sent to Bongo International : US$8.37 (FEDex ground) 7days

Bongo International per shipping fee : US$5

Bongo International shippment : US65.73

Total costs : US$117.50 (60% of the cost is down to shipment by Bongo)

I learnt my lesson, a painful one. A piece of item that weight less than 1kg cost me this much! Really cannot stomach it!

***Recently, did a purchase from UK and it only costs me £19!!!


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