My Hero Experience! Part iii

After more than 2 weeks of using HTC Hero, I getting more and more comfortable with the mobile phone functions as well as the UI.


Apps that I installed and prefers :

ChompSMS – but still unable to show Facebook photo contacts. However, I also installed Handcent SMS, still comparing the pro and con between the two.

Taskiller – A must for android user, it kill unncessary programs running in background.

SG Buses – For Singapore’s bus traveller, I have been testing and using it this few days and so far very accurate!

HanDict – English-Chinese Dictionary for chinese user or for those who understand chinese.

Backgrounds – To change your background wallpaper whenever you are bore with your current one. Now can save wallpaper (finally) – but it take time to load the image, best to use wi-fi not GPRS.

– vizBattery – a simple battery % indicator.

TouchPal – a much better keyboard for typing.


Likes :

I really appreciate and applause HTC on the linking of all contacts (sms, email, facebook, call history and all personal information) under ONE contact. It’s really a useful tools and that’s what I call a smartphone.

The available of free apps (1000’s) in android market are really useful and fun to use. And with it and the highly customise UI, I bet you can’t find 2 identical HTC Hero screen in the world!!! 😉


Things for Improvement :

– Music player seem like draining battery fast (an hour listening reduced the battery by 10%).

– Photo Album is good but abit slow to load up and certain lags, furthermore the picture not that sharp.

– Flickr or internet image can’t be downloaded (or I don’t know???)

– Internet can’t find refresh function.

– Camera and camcorder can be improved although it doesn’t bother me much. 


Conclusion :

I must comments that the phone functions, UI and form factor are really pleasing to use and for the eye. I enjoys (which I never felt before) using HTC Hero on everyday basic. With the new OS Android v1.6 (aka Donut) coming to Asia soon, it should improved the performance further and as a new or young OS, it future are bright & exciting and something to looks forward to.

Lastly, I find the lags are gone!!!??? haha…


Thanks for the reading. Pardon my writing style and english! Cheers. 🙂



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