Just back from COMEX 2009 with Sony DSC-WX1

Well, I must say it was really a last minute decision to Comex 2009 @Suntec. Was surfing Sony Singapore website to check on Sony DSC-WX1 status and was surprised to find it was on sale. Check on COMEX 2009 online brochure and noticed the free gifts were better as compare to Sony official free gifts.

Make my way to L3 (Lucky Centre), but was told no more ACC-CMFG gifts pack (including battery) which I think is quite important and worthwhile gift. So I went one level up to L4, and check on Harvey Norman (SONY) and enquiry the free gifts. Luckily, they still have the stocks and so I bought it!

Photo taken by old camera Casio Exilim EX-Z40:

Sony DSC WX1_01 Sony DSC WX1_02 Sony DSC WX1_03

Sony DSC WX1_04 Sony DSC WX1_05 Sony DSC WX1_06

Photo taken by new camera Sony DSC WX1:

Free Gifts : 2 x 8GB Memory Stick PRO Duo, ACC-CMFG (Battery NP-FG1, Carry Case, Card Reader), Screen Proector and Mini Tripod (worth est. $250.00)

Unbox Sony DSC WX1 :

Items included:

1. Camera DSC WX1 (Black)

2. Battery Charger

3. Rechargeable Battert Pack (NP-BG1)

4. USB, A/V Cable


6. Wrist Strap

Will do a small write up on it soon but no details info as I am a novice in photo taking. 😉


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