Rabbit’s Monthly Horoscope 2009 (6th May – 5th Jun)

This is a mixed month for you. You are fortified with greater energy, hence may have big dreams to pursue impossible tasks. But there are also some misfortune stars that make their way into your charts, so don’t jump into anything with too much bravado. While this is a good month to start new ventures, do so with a sensible degree of caution. Trust old friends and acquaintances rather than let yourself be swept off your feet by slick-talking newscomers in your life. It is easy to be impressed by those with a way with words, but those are the very sort you should be wary about this month. Carry a blue rhino talisman with you to ward off the affliction of robbery and loss, and ladies, avoid frequenting danger spots or staying out too late this month. 

Lillian Too & Jennifer Too Fortune & Feng Shui 2009 – RABBIT


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