A Hopeful Year 2009

Like many around the world, Singapore is also in it worst recession since independence. With the government giving a doom & gloom outlook from now to 2010 or longer, I on the other hand is not so pessimistic about the economy.

Why so? Well, with every countries (especially big bro – Uncle Sam and smaller bro – China) doing their part in coming out with all these “massive” stimulus packages to help local consumptions, giving time it will be felt in the economy. Sure, it will not be immediately but I believe the coming 6 mths or so will have some “positive news” to shout about.

Most economists see we are in 2 to 3 yrs recession with past indication as support. But previous recession is not as interlink as it is now, and also this time round the whole world is working hand in hand to resolve this worst recession not seem since 1929 Great Depression. Hey, they did not predict this recession too!!!

I am not trained in economic or work as financial consultant etc but I do like to challenge one, with all the stimulus package money, one have to think it just got to go into people pockets one way or the others. What keep people from spending are the “FEAR” of losing job and housing debts etc but sooner or later people just got to adjust and carry on LIVING.

We got to remind ourselves, we are ALIVE. There are so many people around the world that is living in worst or horrible condition, try telling them we are having a worst recession since 1929.

Talk of the downturn elicits a mere shrug and smile from Pablo Ballay, a lanky 23-year-old male model from Argentina at the Dior menswear show.

“A lot of models here are from Argentina, and when you live in that kind of country you live in a continuous crisis,” he said backstage after the show. “So you see how well people live here and you say, what, this is a crisis?”

There are reasons to be optimistic, for example Microsoft and Apple is coming out with Window 7 and Snow Leopard OS which will (hopefully & praying) spur company to upgrade their computers (I bet most company still stuck in Windows XP – it about time to upgrade). The Government can take the lead this time round especially for China & India.

Major Hand phone makers are complaining slow sale etc but ask ourselves/themselves what innovative new models they have introduced to the markets for the past 2yrs. It the same old things with some/minor cosmetic changes. So I am pretty glad Apple iPhone (I did not buy one FYI) is taking the new lead in handset industry. Which I/We hope will “wake up” those manufacturer to innovate and introduce exciting new mobile phone for current year and thereafter.

So this is my way in keeping oneself optimistic in 2009. Live well and healthy and in 1 or 2yrs time we will look back that this is just a process. I will be keeping this blog alive to see whether we are in better shape by then. 😉


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