My 1st Apple Products – Ipod Touch 2G 32GB


Bought my 1st Apple Ipod Touch (23/1/09) after several months of comparing different MP3 players in the markets. It left with 2 choices either Sony NWZ S730 or Apple Ipod Touch.

What make me choose Apple instead of Sony is the overall package that Apple present. Of course the look is one :), but the music play back quality and the advantage connecting to Wi-Fi is another swaying factors.

Well, the overall impression exceeded my expectation after a week of usage. The touch interface, music play back, video quality and surfing websites and emailing is really great and fun!

So far enjoying it and almost cannot do without it! 😉

P.S Do update the latest firmware v2.2.1 as it solved the Apple’s Lossless Compression skipping issue.

As for Headphone, I have chosen the Shure SE110 instead of Sennheiser CX300. Well, it really based on recommendation by sale staff at Epicentre and internet research. The sale staff there comments if clarity is what i look for then it a great choice although he recommended me the SE210 (the price is abit too much for me).

However, he do remind me the bass is “thin” in Shure which I concur after listening to Linkin Park. But for the rest my collections like Celine Dion and Mandarin songs etc it sound great with clarity and details.

As for the Apple supply Earphone, it  is a decent earphone not as bad as some comments in the forum.


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